Association for the Physically Disabled (APD)
Pallinghurst Road
Westcliff Johannesburg

TEL: (011) 646-8331-4
FAX: (011) 646-5248


To inspire private and public sector decision makers to recognise the existence of people with physical disabilities and their right to access all facilities available to any South African within the normal boundaries of financial constraints and to give recognition to those organisations which already do so. To mobilise every South African to speak out for and protect the rights of the disabled.


Barrier Breaker Ratings has several important objectives:

To improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities.
To create an awareness of the plight of the disabled.
To educate decision makers.
To educate private individuals of all ages, especially children.
To inspire voluntary change.
To recognise positive efforts.
To create a system of accountability.
To mobilise not only the disabled, but all caring South Africans.
To create employment opportunities for the disabled.
To raise funds so that the services being provided to people with physical disabilities, including the provision of appropriate accommodation, can be further expanded.


The project entails the awarding of a Barrier Breaker Rating to owners/managers/tenants of any structure/venue which is open to members of the public and which provides basic facilities appropriate to the operations of the establishment for people with physical disabilities.
The ratings will not be linked to any existing legislation or building specifications. Participants will have to pass a practical accessibility test (Accessibility with Pride and Dignity test) conducted by people with physical disabilities.

Based on membership principles, participants will pay a membership fee as well as a once off charge for a plaque. Upon registration, members will receive a plaque for public display at a point of entry, as well as a membership certificate.

The membership/ratings will be renewable annually, subject to compliance with the relevant accessibility criteria.

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